Regional Attraction Guide

The Regional Attraction Guide (RAG) magazine is a means to welcome newcomers to our communities through a featurette on the history and background of Northern New Mexico, its educational system, entertainment, community connection networks, and ways to engage entrepreneurship and other business industries.

The RAG mag showcases the region to those who may not yet know how to engage in meeting the needs of choosing residency and/or lifestyle activities. The Guide seeks to inform not only future and potential Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) employees, but also serves as a guide for other businesses and organizations to use as a holistic tool to getting settled in the region.

The Guide is split into five major areas for possibility of residency or tourism discovery, including Los Alamos, Rio Arriba, Santa Fe, Northern New Mexico Pueblos and Taos.

This magazine is 100% funded through our generous local sponsors. For advertising inquiries within the next Regional Attraction Guide to be released in Fall 2018, please contact us.