Regional Coalition of LANL Communities
Advocating on behalf of thriving, productive & safe Northern New Mexico communities surrounding LANL
Regional Coalition of LANL Communities
We need a voice.  We need a seat at the table. The RCLC is our voice.
Regional Coalition of LANL Communities
Our membership consists of democratically elected officials whose residents depend on the success of LANL.
  •  The Regional Coalition is a conduit for Northern New Mexico communities to make a direct impact on local, state and federal government decision-making in regional economic development and nuclear cleanup at Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL). The Regional Coalition is comprised of elected and tribal officials representing their local communities to ensure national decisions incorporate local needs and interests.
Regional Coalition of LANL Communities
Board Meeting AgendaV.1 – Published
January 22, 2021 1:30pm – 3:00 P.M.
Electronic meeting via Zoom
Due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, and upon consultation with legal counsel, RCLC Chairman Henry
Roybal has directed that the January 22, 2021 RCLC board meeting be conducted electronically via the
electronic media application Zoom. In accordance with Open Meetings Act guidelines publicized by the New
Mexico Attorney General, RCLC board members and members of the public wishing to attend may
participate via Zoom, by linking to the following URL address, or by calling the conference call line listed
Join Zoom Meeting: ID: 956 0956 5488
· Zoom dial in: +1 346 248 7799 US, Find your local number:
A. Call to Order – Chair Henry Roybal
B. Confirmation of Quorum – Chair Henry Roybal
C. Approval of Agenda – Chair Henry Roybal
D. Approval of Meeting Minutes – Chair Henry Roybal
a. Draft minutes for November 20, 2020 board meeting
E. Public Comment (20 min)
Public comment may take place via the above provided conference call number
F. Treasurers Report & Invoices – Treasurer David Izraelevitz
d.      Latest ZLS invoice November and December (the prior balance and finance charge has been paid)
  1. the RCLC November 2020 financial report
G. Discussion/Action Items
a. Discuss and possible action pursuant to review of responses to RFP for executive director for   RCLC
b. Update on DOE grant application
c. Discussion of RCLC invoices
H. Board Comments
I. Adjournment
About the Regional Coalition of LANL Communities:
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